Things to do during Christmas in Madrid

Christmas in Madrid

In case you’re heading to Madrid in winter you’ll have a lot of freedom to capitalize on the off-top costs and fewer groups that Madrid draws in throughout the mid-year months. Madrid is a relatively dry city throughout the entire year, notwithstanding, during the pinnacle cold weather months. Christmas is the best time of the year when you have lots of amazing things to explore in Madrid like good foods, amazing lights up around this city and lots of concerts and shows. These are some of the popular things to do during Christmas in Madrid which you must keep in Your mind before heading towards Madrid for the Christmas celebration this year.

Christmas Markets

Every year more and more fabulous Christmas markets pop up in Madrid where you can discover novel presents, unrecorded music, and normal food. To get all the information on the various ones in and out of town with timetables and areas look at our Complete Guide to Christmas Markets in Madrid.

See the Lights

The city is especially stunning in December with all the Christmas lights, so make a point to stroll around in the evening. Madrid is incredible for strolling around since every one of the intriguing must-sees is within strolling distance.

Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes (‘Belenes’) are an immense piece of Spanish culture and everybody youthful and old rush to see them. They are lovely and change in intricacy with somewhere in the range of 30 to 250 puppets. The four most well known nativities are at CentroCentro Cibeles, Casa de la Villa, Museo de San Isidro, and Museo de Historia de Madrid.

Flamenco is a definite must when in Madrid.

Be entertained by artists and guitarists in a show in the core of Madrid’s flamenco area, trailed by a customary Spanish Christmas supper. The shows sell out quickly so hold your tickets ahead for guaranteed holiday plans.

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